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Developers: Illuminateam [Russia]


The game tell of the hard times, when a terrible disease fell upon people - the Plague.
The Plague Doctor wanted to bring the light of science to people, but people refused to follow the Doctor. The doctor, angry with all people, decided to destroy hthem and make them suffer, having entered into a deal with Satan himself. With the help of the forces of evil, the Plague Doctor was able to create a unique magical illness that at the same moment made people pay for their choice. Meanwhile, Satan directed the hordes of evil to fight on the side of the Doctor, instructing them to destroy all life that they would meet.
The mother of the main character is sick and you, let the brave young girl go through the legion of demons to get to the Plague Doctor, stop him and prevent the death of the mother.
This game is in the demo stage. It can contain bugs and errors
music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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Hi there, I enjoyed playing this game very much, aside from dying a few times to the first few laser-spewing demons :)

You zombies are able to go down slopes but not go up them, which was a relief when dealing with a giant plague humanoid next to a hole with spikes :p

I like that the music fits the tone of the game, the back of the whip damages enemies too, such as the mini eyeballs in the boss fight (though I was confused as to whether the Plague Doctor himself fused with the multi-eyed creature or not), as well as the whip acting as a bullet destroyer.

By the way, there were quite a few grammatical errors in the cutscene involving the player's mother, and there are currently no health pickups, though the fact that you restart the area you died in with full health is a plus point in itself.

All in all, I look forward to playing the full game once it's released :)


Thanks a lot for feedback! The game has a lot of grammatical errors, since we do not have an translator, But in the future, we will solve this problem! Thank you for playing, we are developing a new (completely redesigned) version of our game :)

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You're welcome, and I can understand making grammatical errors while developing a game, with or without a translator (I was surprised that you were making this in another language, since I assumed you had intended to make it in English), since you're likely working on this game in your spare time, and may often rush it out to reach a deadline.

By the way, sometimes when I use the whip, it stays in it's position without moving back towards the character, most notably when you're attacking the giant plague-ridden humanoids (mostly black with green eye spots), and the main character's jumps seem a little stiff.

It's great to know that you're improving on the game, and I look forward to playing the full version when it's released :)

Very good game!


This has potential. I hope you'll build upon it and we'll get to find a cure for the plague. :)

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Thanks a lot for your video!